No idea how to start your Internal Assessment? Well, how about starting by looking at some examples of IAs that IB graduates have worked on? With an open mind like yours, you might get some ideas for your IA after reading this post!



1. Overview of IA in Group 3 Subjects (2022 Exam)

First things first, it’s important to catch up with the basic information about IA in Group 3 Subjects (Individuals and Societies), and here are all the basic points you need to know.

Subjects Economics Business and Management Psychology
Subject Level SL HL SL HL SL HL
Weighting 30% 20% 35% 35% 30%

Three commentaries based on different units of the syllabus (except the introductory unit) and from published extracts from the news media, analysed using different key concepts.

A research project about
a real business issue or problem facing a particular organization using a conceptual lens.

A report on an experimental study undertaken by the student.

Word Limit 800 words for each commentary Research Proposal = 500 words

Research Project = 2,000 words

Research Proposal = 500 words

Written Commentary = 1,500 words

2,000 words


Subjects Global Politics History E.S.S Geography
Subject Level SL HL SL HL SL SL HL
Weighting Engagement Activity: 40% Engagement Activity: 20%

HL extension: 20%

25% 20% 25% 35% 30%

Engagement activity: A written report on a political issue explored through engagement and research.

HL extensionTwo video-recorded oral presentations (10-minute maximum each) of two case studies chosen from two different HL extension topics.

A historical investigation into a topic of the student’s choice.

A written report of a research question designed and implemented by the student.


One written report based on a fieldwork question from any suitable syllabus topic, information collection and analysis with evaluation.

Word Limit Engagement activity: 2,000 words 2,200 words 2,250 words 2,500 words




2. Examples of IA in Group 3 Subjects

The list of IA examples below is created based on our online survey result by IB graduates. Remember, these are just examples to use as reference and inspiration! Make sure you DON’T copy and use these past IAs as yours (otherwise …you will fail the IB for plagiarism!).


2.1 Economics


  • “The causing factors of the fall of the automobile industry in the U.K.”, “The effects of policies to cut corporation tax in India”, and “Increase of imported goods due to the lack of supply of chicken in Mexico”
  • Microeconomics: “Cigarettes and sugary drinks become dearer”, Macroeconomics: “German Unemployment Jump Adds to Pressure for Fiscal Stimulus”, International Economics: “U.S. to impose tariffs on Mexican tomatoes as new pact remains elusive”
  • Microeconomics: “Negative Consumption Externality of alcohol and price floor”, Macroeconomics: “Unemployment caused by Covid-19 and its government relief”, International Economics: “Lowered import tariff on high-tech equipment”
  • “Demand, supply, and price elasticity of demand”, “Malaysian economic growth”, and “Trade war”


  • Microeconomics Commentary: Raising price ceiling for face masks in Malaysia Macroeconomics Commentary: Multiplier effect on the Indian economy International economics Commentary: Imposing taxes (tariffs) on imported goods in South Korea
  • Taxation on cigarettes in Japan
  • About sugar tax in Thailand


2.2 Business and Management


  • Merging of Suntory and Coca Cola Thailand
  • To What Extent Does Toyota’s First Automobile Factory in Myanmar Have the Potential to Succeed?


  • “Which Panasonic’s beauty product, hairdryer ​‘Nano Care EH-NA9A’​ or electric eyelash curler​‘EH-SE70’​, sold in Japan should be sold in Germany?”
  • Should Facebook integrate their Facebook Pay into the Instagram platforms to extend their payment market coverage?
  • Analysis of current problems and solutions for the new business in company X.


2.3 Psychology


  • Cognitive Processes
  • Serial-position Effect
  • An experiment on Primacy Effect and Recency Effect


  • Behavioral Psychology
  • Multi-store Model of Memory


2.4 Global Politics


  • To what extent is the Japanese community integrated in the process of contact with Dutch society?
  • How can an NGO such as Second Harvest address food sustainability in Japan?
  • Refugees in Japan


  • How justified is the ongoing conflict between members of the South Korean public against the Japanese government, based on Japanese war crimes during WWII?


2.5 History


  • An Investigation into the Role of Koki Hirota in the Nanjing Massacre (1937-1938)
  • An investigation of the biggest reason for the Hiroshima nuclear bombing.


  • The effects of Adolf Hitler’s speeches


2.6 Environmental Systems and Societies

  • Air pollution in Beijing
  • How is the relationship between education and the views and attitudes of the local people regarding renewable energy sources in Saitama city, Japan?
  • How does the neutral detergent in different concentrations (0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, and 0.5 %) affect Raphanus sativus’s germination rate (%) after 14 days?
  • Which socio-economic factor(s) has/have the strongest correlation with electricity consumption in a sample of 71 countries in the world?


2.7 Geography


  • Investigating the characteristics of Augsburg central business district


  • To what extent do tourists/day visitors harm the natural environment at Sandown (Isle of Wight) at the time of my visit? A focus on water quality and noise pollution.




3. Tips for IA in Group 3 Subjects

3.1 Check the Criteria Carefully for Differences by Level

As you might have noticed, there are differences in weightings and contents between HL and SL for some Group 3 subjects. Especially HL students in Business and Global Politics need to be careful because there are additional tasks for them in  IA.

But, as long as you check the criteria as you go through your IA project, there’s nothing to be worried about because the criteria give you a very specific outline. So make sure you read it carefully at least once, highlight the important parts, and follow the guidelines step by step.



3.2 Use Figures and Tables to Save Word Count

As you can see in the table for IA overview, all subjects have a word limit. To save words for important parts like discussion and analysis, it’s best to use figures and tables where appropriate such as in the methodology and results and findings. There’s nothing harder than having to cut sentences you already wrote to fit into the word limit. When using figures and tables, make sure to put a correct title and annotation when necessary.



3.3 Try to Have Multiple Perspectives

What makes writing IA in group 3 subjects more difficult than in other subjects is the importance of having strong arguments from multiple perspectives, which is also the reason why you should make your RQ (Research Question) an open-ended question rather than just a yes-no question (e.g starting with “To what extent” or “How” instead of “Do/Does”). You also need to give depth into your arguments so there will be a lot of research involved in the process, but make sure to choose appropriate research methods from your course.




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