How it works

Find your Sensei with us.

At MakeSensei we believe the perfect match between a student and a tutor results from carefully screening the tutors based on our customer’s requests. Our process always starts from understanding your requests and needs.

How it works

Step 1: Tell us what you need

Please let us know your requests (what subject, what kind of help you need, available time, etc.) in the Request Form.

Step 2: Tutor Selection

After we receive your Request Form, we will proceed to selecting your tutor.

*This will take about 1-2 weeks on average

*When we find a tutor that matches your requests, we will screen and interview the tutor to decide if he/she is the perfect fit for you.

Step 3: Tutor Recommendation by email

We will send you a brief summary of your tutor’s experience and personality.


Step 4: Confirmation of the Trial Lesson

If you wish to proceed to a trial lesson with this tutor, the tutor will contact you and schedule your lesson. If you prefer a different tutor, we will repeat from Step 2: Tutor Selection.

Step 5: Free Trial lesson

Meet your Sensei online and enjoy your trial lesson. The lesson will last for 70 minutes.

Step 6: Feedback after the Trial Lesson

After your trial lesson, we will ask for your feedback. You can choose to

a. Start official lessons with this tutor

b. Find a different tutor with us

c. Not continue

About payment

All payments will be invoiced after your lessons. The invoice will be sent to you on the following month of your lessons by email from Paypal, so please complete your payment from the link in the email.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I schedule my lessons?

You can set up your lessons by directly contacting your tutor. Please ask your tutor for a detailed schedule and decide on a date that works for both of you. 

Who decides what to teach?

The content of your lesson will be based on the student’s needs and requests. Your tutor will plan a lesson after listening and understanding the student’s goal and struggles. Please let your tutor know if you have specific topics you want to be taught. MakeSensei’s lessons are personalized for each student, so lesson content is always flexible to meet your needs.

Are textbooks provided?

At MakeSensei we do not provide any specific textbooks. Please discuss with your tutor if you would like to work on a specific textbook or any teaching material.

Who are the tutors and are they qualified?

MakeSensei’s tutors are mainly university students who have graduated the IB DP program and have earned high scores. The tutors are passionate about tutoring and helping IB students, because they have gone through the same path as you. We carefully screen and interview every tutor before they are matched with a student, to ensure our students make the best out of MakeSensei’s lessons.

How long does it take to find my tutor?

In average it takes about 1-2 weeks. Because we want to find the perfect tutor for each student, we first carefully screen and interview each tutor before we make any recommendations.

What if I am not satisfied with my tutor?

Please contact us if you would like to change your tutor, and we will reselect your tutor based on your feedback.

Can I change the subject that I'm being taught?

Yes. We may assign you a different tutor depending on the subject you would like to change to. Please contact us for more information.

When am I billed and how do I pay?

All payments will be invoiced after your lessons. The invoice will be sent to you on the following month of your lessons by email from Paypal. Please complete your payment from the link in the email.

How do I unregister?

You can unregister and end your lessons by contacting us at: